Dear Dr. Kruger,

I just recently bought your original formula supplement for my German Shepherd dog. She has a problem with constipation and I hope your product will help her. I have only been using your supplement for 1 1/2 Weeks, so I know it is too early to tell. But I do notice she is drinking a whole lot of Water. So much that she had an "accident" during the night. (she never "goes' in the house) Is this normal? She is eating Pro Plan Chicken and Rice. Also I have another German Shepherd female that I just recently put on a prescription diet (Purina HA) I got from the vet we suspect she has a food allergy. She bites at her paws, has ear infection; and recently she has been vomiting her food occasionally. She is not ill at all and she does not vomit everyday maybe once or twice a week. So we are trying the special food to see if it helps her. My question for you is should I give her your supplement or is there something in there that could cause an allergic reaction. Thank you and I look forward to your reply,

Linda P, New Jersey


Hi Linda,

I have not had the same experience you are having with the water drinking. I would take the dog
off the supplement for 1 week and see what happens, then put her back on and see if the water
drinking starts again. We have only seen one dog that actually had an allergic reaction to the
supplement, so I would say it is safe. This dog is really quite typical of a food allergic dog.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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