Which formulas/amounts of formula do I need for the following household: spayed 10 year old Australian Shepherd, 61 pounds, very healthy, Working stock and doing agility; neutered 7 year old Australian Shepherd, 74 pounds, epileptic/mild arthritis, couch potato; 6 year old female Australian Shepherd, 66 pounds, very athletic, Working stock and doing agility, healthy, about to have last litter, shown from time to time, needs coat; neutered 3 year old Papillon, 10 pounds, house dog, and very athletic/healthy; 2 year old female Australian Shepherd, 44 pounds, arthritic back from injury, could use more coat, active, about to be bred for first litter. All dogs have healthy skin and coat. Feed is Solid Gold With Missing Link, folio acid for the breeding girls, Schiff Pain-Free for all except Papillon. Once a Week I feed a ration of raw meat from totally organic source (no meds/no pesticide-treated feed). I’d like to keep my old girl going strong for as long as possible. Most people cannot believe she’s 10, especially the young Border Collies she Whips up on in agility. I’d like to try your supplements after my supply of Missing Link is done With, but need to be sure of the correct dosage and formulation for each dog. Feed amounts vary depending on activity level, excepting the Papillon and male Aussie. Thanks for any help you can give!

Dusty C., California


Hi Dusty,

l would definitely suggest the Healthy Joint supplement to any older dog, especially if they are still working. This will help prevent any joint or soft tissue inflammation. Many dogs are very subtly stiff, and we do not realize it. For the breeding animals I would suggest the Puppy/Pregnancy formula, and the pups can be put on it when they are about 7 Weeks. Pups should be started at half doses so as not to shock their gut with a concentrated formula. I think the Everyday Health formula should be fed to other dogs for general health purposes. We are getting reports of their “best coat the dog has ever had.” Any of the formulas can be combined 1/2 and 1/2. The Healthy Joint formula can also be combined 1 to 1 with any of the other formulas. The Healthy Joint contains only about half the contents of the regular Everyday Health formula. I would hope you could be inventive and come up with some great combinations. If this is not enough information, I will post to you again and be specific for each dog. Hope this helps.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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