My question is I have a female weenie dog and she is pregnant. Well we took her to our vet the other day and the vet said she was doing fine. But I cannot find any articles on-line that will help me along the way. She is breathing hard and doesn’t seem as playful. Is this a sign that she may be close to delivering her puppies? Can you please help? Even though we have seen our vet I feel more comfortable still asking questions to different people and finding out. Any information you can provide will be helpful. Thank you.

Lisa S., Lynchburg VA


Hi Lisa,

There is a lot to know about Whelping. I suggest you go to the library and do some reading about “Whelping” a female. I would keep in touch with your vet. Without seeing your girl it is hard for me to give you an opinion. It would be helpful if you can find someone who raises dogs and consult with them and take advantage of their experience. Perhaps your vet could give you some names or you could call some kennels in your area to find someone. Hope this helps you.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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