We have a 15 month old Bernese Mountain Dog, spayed female. Probably from the parvovirus she survived at 10 weeks, she has defined (curved) radius bones in her forelegs, resulting in bilateral carpus valgus. As this does not affect her movement or pain her in any way and her elbow and leg joints are excellent and show no arthritic changes; we have been advised by several orthopedic surgeons to do nothing. Due to early severe itching, we have continued a regimen of supplementing her with flaxseed oil in cottage cheese, and an herb/enzyme blend Solid Gold’s “SeaMeal.” Because of her leg problems, we also give her a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, 1000/800 mg per day, along with 1000 units of Vitamin C. We feed her Innova maintenance dog food, one I consider to be of superior quality and nutrition. She now has no itch or dry skin problems (has a beautiful glossy coat, although it’s a little too oily under her ears) and appears to be in excellent health. As she will continue to grow and develop for another year, I’m concerned as to which of your formulas would be most appropriate for her. What would you suggest I supplement with?

Vicky W., Montana


Hi, Vicky

In your case you can depend that eventually the wrist joints will suffer, and possibly become arthritic. The skin condition may also be a chronic situation. I would advise that you get both the Healthy Skin and Coat and the Healthy Joint formulas and use a full measure of each. Next year We will have a combination product. It will be our High Performance formula. This will be ideal for your dog. Hope this is helpful to you.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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