My German shepherd female is just now 1 year old. She has been plagued with stomach problems since I brought her home at 3 months old. My vet said she has SIBO. We have finally found a food which she can eat — Senior Innova (low fat, low protein); anything else and it goes right through her. She has also just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in her right hip and is on a glucosamine supplement. Will your supplement improve her digestive problem? If yes, then which one would you suggest? Thanks very much in advance.

Christina H., Ontario, Canada


Hi Christina,

My Everyday Health formula will definitely help your dog. It is the best product on the market to NORMALIZE the intestinal tract of a GSD. As far as the HD, we also have an Healthy Joint formula that is all natural and ideal for long-term use with HD. I would suggest you use both formulas in this case. Soon we will have available a combination product which we will call the High Performance formula. It will be a combination of the two formulas above. Hope this helps you.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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