June 10, 2014

A potential client of mine has a female dog with special problems and I would like to know if she should have the Ultimate Supplement and, if so, which one would be best for her. This is her health history:

Here’s the brief version of Brassi’s history. Brassi is an 8 year old German shepherd... Brassi has no gall bladder and no spleen. She’s also had one adrenal gland removed (three years ago). She will be 9 years old in January. She was 2-1/2 years old when her gall bladder was removed due to a severe staph infection. She lost her spleen and one lobe of her liver during the same surgery. She takes 1/2 capsule of actigall twice a day. It is a 300mg capsule. Actigall is mixed with her food. She is on Hill’s prescription diet LD and has been since Hill’s came outwith LD about two years ago. (Prior to that she was on KD with multiple mineral and vitamin supplements.) Brassi also receives the white of a hard-boiled egg each day to increase her somewhat low albumin level. Although she does not display clinical signs, she has been diagnosed with irritable bowel disease (discovered during liver biopsy 3 years ago). Treatment is 1 tablespoon of oat bran with each meal. She was on a low level of prednisone (2.5 mg BID), but I was able to wean her from that after six months. Before having actigall prescribed, Brassi had frequent liver problems with elevated liver enzymes. Her appetite was poor and she was severely underweight (42 to 45 pounds). She was on daily ampicillin thinking that she had chronic hepatitis secondary to the original staph infection. Liver biopsy three years ago showed no sign of infection — just lots of scar tissue. With actigall, she is now on the hefty side (62 pounds). Her ideal weight is probably about 57 pounds. Liver enzymes are now within normal limits and have been for the past 32 months. She is mildly dysplastic in one hip. Elbows are normal. Bilaterally she drags her rear toes. She always has. She does not drag her toes when she is on a mission! Would Kruger's Senior Health supplement be okay for her? Thanks.

Nancy H., California


Hi Nancy

Boy, this dog is lucky to be alive. Must have a great constitution. I would advise she get a full dose of the Everyday Health and the Healthy Joint combination. We have used this combination on many dogs and find it works great for these multiple problem dogs. The dragging of the toes is a neurological deficit. My feeling it is a form of Juvenile Spinal Myelopathy. Any dog that drags his hind toes is nerve deficient. GS people do not want to acknowledge this fact, as it would incriminate many of the “great” dogs. These should not be used for breeding. Hope this helps. Have you decided to become a distributor? I would really like that. My best.

Chuck Kruger, DVM