I add so many things to my dog’s diet; it certainly sounds interesting to simplify things, besides having additional benefits it seems. I use vitamin C, vitamin E, multiple vitamins, apple cider vinegar, garlic powder. I also use Prozyme and one dog is on pancreazyme. I use Fresh Factors from Springtime. I also use Scriffs pain free for the older dogs who, even though they have OFA H and E, do begin to have some aches and pains and difficulty. The pain free has seemed to help my almost 14 year old GSD, but if something like the Healthy Joint could give her more flexible mobility, I would welcome that. I guess if I decide to try this, you will need to send me some one to help me throw all these other bottles away. My dogs are all retired from the show ring except for an occasional Veterans class; I have a 13 year 8 month female, a 8 year. 8 month male, a 7 year 6 month female, and the youngest is a 3 year 6 month female. Would you suggest the Senior Health or the Healthy Joint? I would rather not get involved in several different formulas — two at the most. Your advice and expertise will be appreciated. Thanks.

Beryl E., California


Hi Beryl,

Nice to hear from you. You obviously have been doing something right. Some time those pharmacies work OK, but I have a better one for you. Just two supplements. I would suggest you get the Everyday Health and the Healthy Joint formulas and give a full dose (1 tsp. per cup of food) of the Healthy Joint and give 3/4 teaspoon of the Everyday Health per cup of food. This combination should be perfect for your dogs. Hope this finds you well and happy.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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