June 10, 2014

I am a fellow Pembroke Welsh corgi breeder/owner/exhibitor and hate to even bring this up, but a couple of my “gang” has the dreaded “stool eating disease.” Of course, I have had fecals done, I’ve fed different foods, I’ve tried “corrections” when I catch them. All to no avail. Is there something in your supplement that would stop this nasty habit? It is quite disgusting and I’m getting tired of it. HELP! Also, I spoke with you a few months (via phone) while you were at Pat & Scootie’s. I own the corgi that was temporarily paralyzed and later diagnosed by Aubum with “vertebral instability” which of your formulas would you recommend for him? He is 4 years old and not currently on any medication for this problem.

Kimberly M., Tennessee


Hi Kim,

Your stool-eating dog should be put on some of my Everyday Health formula we have had good luck with this product but sometimes this is just a disgusting habit. The dog with the spinal problem should be on my Anti-inflammatory formula. We have seen some very good results using it with back problems. Hope this helps.

Chuck Kruger, DVM