We have a Great Dane who has just turned 1. We have had quite a time of it with "Pano". I realize this will eventually go away but will your product prevent any further bone lesions?

Mrs L, Ontario


Greetings Mrs. L,

Pano is such a vague disease that we all have questions about it. I have dealt with it for many years with my own GSDs and frankly I cant tell you which is the best medication to use. My supplement has been used and the results were about the same as one would get with several medications. I do not know how to prevent the reoccurring attacks. I do think stress is sometimes involved. If you use my Healthy Joint product, please let me know your thoughts on its effectiveness. I will add that the other formulas will help in the prevention of BLOAT. I know this is a major problem in your breed. I will only be in the New England area of the states this summer, not in your area, sorry. My best to you and the dogs.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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