Dear Dr. Kruger-

I am an owner of a wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and I would like to start him on your supplement - but do not know which one. I thought perhaps because you also have Corgis you might make a suggestion. My dog is male, and 2.5 yrs. old. He is already a champion, and has been a "special" who carries a lovely coat. I am about to bring him out in obedience, and am concerned more about keeping his joints in good condition with the jumping involved. Because I don‘t intend to do conformation much longer, do you think one of the other formulas with Glucosamine ect. would be appropriate for him? I am thinking it might make a difference in keeping him in good physical condition, and perhaps help avoid problems (although he has none now). Thanks for your time and opinion. Sincerely,

Lila Lippow, Martinez, Ca.


Hi Lila,

If you are looking for joint protection, I would use the Healthy Joint formula. This will also help reduce joint injuries and soft tissue pain. There is some of the vitamin etc. formula with the joint supplements, so there will also be nutrients for the general health of your dog. Hope this helps you make a decision. My best to you and your Corgi.

Chuck Kruger DVM
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