I just ordered some of your products. Please send the free handbook with the order. Could you tell me how much glucosamine is estimated to be in each teaspoon of the Healing formula and the Senior formula? I feed Dylan (28 lb neutered, male 11 yr Pem Corgi) 1 cup of Innova Sr per day divided into 1/2 cup portions moming & evening. It is estimated that this means he is already getting about 150 mg of glucosamine through this source. My vet says he should have 500 mg a day, so it would be helpful to know if your dosage of 1 teaspoon a day would complement this. I enjoy and have learned much from your comments on SHOW-PEM & Corgi-L. Thanks for taking the time to help us learn and offer your viewpoints. Are you going to be at the Salt City Cluster of Shows in Syracuse, NY (Rau, end of March)? *Sewing is more interesting when your corgi uses the foot pedal as a chin rest

Debby T, Newark, New York


Hi Debby,

I am sorry to say that my nation wide trip is I will be here at home in the NW most of the time....I will post on the show pem if I am going to be at a show, and if anyone wants to come and talk with me they may do so.... The Healthy Joint formula has 170 mgm of Gluc., and 125 mgni chondroitin per teaspoon. For dogs eating one cup I advise using 1 tsp in each meal. (1/2 cup) With the other herbs in the formula this amount of G and C is enough to do the job... there is a lot of pain killing power with the other herbs. Hope this answers your questions...Glad you could learn something from my thoughts...

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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