June 10, 2014

My dog has been put on some pain med the size of horse pills for her hip Dysplasia. (sorry if the spelling is bad) and I was wondering what else can I do besides the chrolandin and Glucosamine mixture. I know this words are spelled wrong but hope you know what they are. The meds are pricey and I am on a low income so any other tips will greatly be appreciated. Vet says no stairs or walks but I do take her for short walks cause they seem to help her a bit. Of course the cold rain we’ve been having isn’t helping her hip at all. I love my baby and will starve myself to Afford her medicines so she don’t hurt so much. She is 8 yrs. Now and a beagle of average wt. Thank you! Sincerely

Maryann, La Mesa, Ca


Hi Maryann, _ _ , 1 L It

My best suggestion for your dog would be to get a Jar of the Healthy Joint Formula. It works very well in these cases. It is a powder you mix in with the food. There is a Guaranteed satisfaction, you may return it for a full refund...is that fair enough. Good luck with her.

Chuck Kruger, DVMX