Hi, I just saw your advertisement in Dog Fancy and I'm really intrigued by your products. We have a 4 year old retriever mix who has always had what we call a sensitive stomach. We feed her an expensive, quality dog food, and she normally does quite well with it. But she will periodically have a week or so when every time I take her out for a walk she just wants to eat grass. She vomits relatively often during her grass—eating spells. Then she will suddenly go back to normal for a month or two. She also has skin allergies. Do you know the cause of these episodes? Or do most dogs have them??? Thanks! I‘d be interested to know if you think your formula would help her!

Lindy H., Salisbury, MD


Hi Lindy,

Many dogs have ongoing stomach irritation. They eat grass for minerals, but it also may help them vomit. This is an attempt to relieve the irritation. The irritation may be due to some abnormal growth of bacteria. My Healthy Skin and Coat Formula usually helps this type of condition. It will also improve the condition skin where allergies take their toll. I think you would be pleased with the product.

Chuck Kruger DVM

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