Dear Dr. Kruger,

My wife Leslie and I used to go to your clinic and you were very kind to provide us With Kimee and Ricky. First of all, I wanted to say "hello" and hope you are doing well. I spoke to Marge the other day. She didn't have your direct e-mail address on hand, so I thought I would try this. I mention you in the acknowledgement section of my new book which will be published in October by Pentland Press. It is called Capitalist Dogs by Jack Katz M.S.. Ricky is on the front cover. It is a book to teach people about the financial markets. Within the publishing world it has been getting rave reviews. It is based on a fable set in a dream where animal characters teach people about investing and the financial system. The lead teacher is a “Wealth Corgi". It is not one of those ‘dummy type‘ investing books but a very advanced way of teaching the public. Hopefully it will do well and people will also learn about you. Take care and best wishes.

Jack K., Seattle, WA t


Hi Jack,

I was just thinking about you and Leslie the other day. It is so nice to hear from you. You may be familiar with the Ken Roberts Co of Grants pas Or. they are the marketing company for my supplement. They too deal in Commodities education...I hope all is well with your dogs and life by now!!! I am so happy your book is being accepted...cant wait to get an autographed copy. Well, I have a lot of messages to answer, so I will close. best to both of you and the kids...

Chuck Kruger DVM

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