Dr. Kruger,

I have a rescue chihuahua and I am having a terrible time with his diet. I have not found anything that will actually show an interest in eating. A trainer in California responded to a my plea for help on a nutrition message board and suggested I try Bil Jac food and your supplement since this little guy vomits a lot. Also, my vet (and I may be looking for a new one soon) has put him on 1/2 tablet each morning of Enacard for an enlarged heart. I have a terrible time trying to get him to take this and have tried probably every possible way of presentation from cream cheese to rib eye steak and he does not get several doses per week (3) because he refuses to eat it or vomits it back up. Please let me know if your supplement will help and what change to expect. He reluctantly (because he hadn't eaten in 36 hours) ate about 1/3 of a cup of Bil Jac last night and spit up this morning and seems to be very thirsty... Any help you can give will be so greatly appreciated...If this works for Buddy I would be happy to consider a distributorship. I live in Wilmington, NC. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Ionic G., Wilmington, DE


Hi Jonie,

You surely have a problem. These little guys can be so sensitive. I will need you to answer couple of questions... Was he vomiting before your getting him? Does he vomit the medicine up if you give it to him without food? How long after eating does he vomit? Please send me this info. Also, is he a sick dog with out the medicine? Does he have a hard time breathing, any congestion in his chest where he coughs....If he coughs does he cough then throw up?..... I guess you can just send me any info about his behavior. Have you had his tonsils checked...sore eat! If you are desperate to get him to eat, get some cat food. Friskies, Buffet, Turkey and Giblets.... If he likes this you can mix it half and half with oatmeal...this should be good for him. The medication may be making him sick...unless he was vomiting prior to the meds. We have had many vomiting dogs respond to the supplement...but this is a very small dog and things can be different with them. Please send me the answers and We can go on from there...

Chuck Kruger DVM

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