I have a 7 year old miniature Schnauzer with inflammatory bowel disease, has had a flare up with pancreatitis and is allergic to many foods. At the present time I have her on baby barley cereal, potatoes and turkey which she seems to be doing very well on and are foods low on the allergy charts for her. When ever I try to get her back on a dog food that has all the ingredients she can have she has a flare up of diarrhea, bloody mucus, painful gas and at times some vomiting. As long as she is doing well on the barley, potatoes and turkey I am happy to cook for her but I am concerned whether she is getting the right vitamins. I cannot give her Pet Tabs or vitamins such as those since they have liver in them and that seems to bother her system. My vet has given me "Linotinic" a liquid vitamin supplement to try. Your original vitamin supplement sounds wonderful for my dog but I am somewhat concerned not knowing what all those ingredients are and what affect they may have on her. Can you give me any further recommendations on the best supplement for her. Have you given these supplements to other dogs with IBD? Thank you for any help you might be able to give.

Bonnie S., Walnut Creek, CA


Hi Bonnie,

Try my Everyday Health formula. You can get a small bottle , AND give her 4 weeks on it. We have had very good results with the product . There are many IBD dogs on across the country...You can always get your money back if you are not pleased. Good luck with her.

Chuck Kruger DVM

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