I just spoke with one of your reps. at your 800# and she suggested I write my question to you. As a preliminary background, I have a Maltese who will be 17 in Sept. She has arthritis very bad and has not walked in nearly 2 years. She can walk enough to do her potties outside, but other than that, she makes no attempt to walk in the house - even though she is on carpeting. For the past year or so, she has been on Rimadyl (25 mg) 1/4 tablet twice a day. She has not exhibited any of the negative side affects that has given the drug such bad press; nevertheless, I question whether I should continue to give it to her. She is also on one capsule of Cosequin a day. A friend of mine recently started using your Healthy Joint formula and recommended it for Tassel as my friend has seen results from it with her male Maltese. I am writing to ask whether, in your opinion, your Healthy Joint formula would do the job of these other two products or if you recommend giving it to her along with the others and gradually weaning her off the Rimadyl and Cosequin. I am also curious as to why your product might work better than the Cosequin because Cosequin has more glucosamine/chondroitin in it than your supplement contains. Thank you for your help. I look forward to your response. Sincerely,

Pamela R., Las Vegas, NV


Hi Pam,

The ultimate supplement Healthy Joint formula has other herbs that do the majority of the "Work"...With these it is not necessary to have large quantities of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. You can put your dog on both my supplement and the Rimadyl form about 1 Week, then drop the Rimadyl. You may continue the cosequin if you wish. Good luck With you treatment...You are very lucky to have this little guy for such a long period.

Chuck Kruger DVM

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