June 10, 2014

For 2 weeks my ll month old German Shepherd has had stools like pudding. She has been on flagyl, ID, and rice; we are getting no where. She has lost 8-10 pounds. Her appetite has been excellent and her spirit good. Today my vet is running blood panels for pancreatic problems and some others. I am terrified that he will find that she has pancreatic problems. He warned me that if this is the case, I am looking at a lifetime of costly enzyme medication. Do you share this belief? If she has the above problem, would your supplement alone be enough to turn her back into the healthy dog she was? Please respond asap. She is a wonderful dog to live with and has a great show future ahead of her.

Georgette L., Whittier


Hi Georgette,

Order some of my Everyday Health formula today.....you may use up to double the dose to get this under control. Please let me know how your treatment progresses. If you are successful, please let your Vet know what you did. If this does not work it is still a preventive for other intestinal problems that develop with a pancreatic problem...they can cause death.... Good luck

Chuck Kruger DVM