Hi Dr Kruger,

I am about to send in a check for your Everyday Health formula supplement, but still have a few questions. I'm presently giving my dogs a fatty acid supplement (Lipiderm for the last few months, but I am about to start them on Derm Caps) and wonder if your formulas offer enough of the Omega-3 and ~6 fatty acids plus biotin and A, D, and E so that I could discontinue this and all other supplements. I did not notice these ingredients on your list, although I realize that they would most likely be present in a more natural form. Our dogs are high-energy (labs and german shorthaired pointers) and stay slim. We also have a bichon with possible allergy problems, and know that this comes with the long-haired, white dog territory. The other question I have is about cost. If I begin to regularly breed and show, I will not be able to afford your supplements and still feed and house and send to college our six children! Do you offer a breeder's discount or bulk rate? Thank you very much!

Jenny F., Kingsport, TN


Hi Jenny,

Our supplement is all you need to other supplement! I am sending your letter on to the office where they will explain to the way you can purchase wholesale. Good luck with your dogs.

Chuck Kruger DVM

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