My mini dachshund was diagnosed with Addison‘s disease at 1 1/2 years of age. She was placed on .1 mg of Flourinef. She is now 8 years old and she is still taking the same dosage of .1 mg. All her blood tests come back within acceptable normal ranges. The vet recommends keeping her on this drug forever. She has gained 4 pounds in the last 5 years and can't seem to lose it no matter how much exercise she gets or what “ diet dog food" she goes on for weight loss. Her vet says this is normal and I shouldn't expect the weight to come off because this condition makes it almost impossible to do so. She also has this recurring skin disorder in the form of lesions with scaling and hair loss. I have been able to alleviate most of these lesions via enzymes in her water but they reoccur if she gets stressed (like when she's boarded when we travel). I wanted to get a MRI done to check her gland and entire body but her vet doesn't see any need for it. Has her Adrenal Gland completely shut down? Dormant but functional? Are there any other remedies other than this drug to treat her Addison‘s? Are there herbal remedies that could stimulate her Adrenal Gland to work again? I know this is limited information but can you make some general suggestions about diagnostics and remedies for this condition? Thank you and many blessings.

Janet M., Aloha, OR


Hi Janet,

This is a very serious disease as you know. I do not know of any herbal substance that can bring your dog back to normal. The problem with herbal remedies is that they act slowly and often not completely. I would check the cortisol level in your dog’s blood. It may be too high. The symptoms are those of a dog with high serum cortisol(Cushings). There is a fine balance and medicating a small dog like the one you have needs periodic checking. I wish I had a supplement to cure this type of problem, but I don’ supplement would help keep your dog in as good a condition as he could be under the conditions...You might just want to try some of the Healthy Skin and Coat formula. Best luck treating your little guy.

Chuck Kruger DVM

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