I have heard very good things about your supplement, and am considering adding it for our 3 1/2 yr. old Beagle/Catahoula mix. He has inhalant pollen allergies, and I have read that both fatty acid supplements and biotin can help relieve the itchy skin. Have you noticed any relief for allergy dogs with your supplement? I was considering using the Healthy Skin and Coat formula, since it does have the biotin. Is this what you would recommend? One final question: he is already on a fatty acid supplement. Does your supplement provide enough of the fatty acids that I could stop giving him that supplement? Thanks so much for your help with my questions,

Mary P., Ann- Arbor, MI


Hi Mary,

Many people use only the Healthy Skin and Coat formula and find it adequate for the relief of allergies and it gives you great skin health. If you wish to continue the fatty acid supplement, it will not harm the dog. Hope this will help you make a decision.

Chuck Kruger DVM
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