June 30, 2014

I have a Welsh Terrier with a chronic skin condition. Seborrhea type. Terrible itch, crusty skin, black around nipples and vulva. The vet has just given her a cortisone shot, and prescribed ceflexin and medicated baths. The only way to keep her from self destruction is with an e-collar for the chewing, and a t-shirt to keep her from scratching With her hind feet. We need HELP. Thanks

Barb D., Orting, WA

Hi Barb,

Good to hear from you....hope all is well in Orting(until the mountain blows!!!) I can not guarantee anything but I have had a lot of "success with my Health Skin and Coat Supplement in‘ treating what you describe. It will take some time perhaps a few months but it’s worth a try. You may at first have to use some cortisone just to keep the dog comfortable until the supplement kicks in. If you need to talk to me directly, my phone number is -------------------. Hope this helps you.

Chuck Kruger DVM