Dear Dr. Kruger,

The breeder from whom we got our two German Shepherd Dogs (Elsie and Aries, 3-year old litter mates), raves about your supplement, so I've just ordered some to try on our dogs. I have a question about what it does to the dogs’ stools. With Elsie, her problem is that they're too hard, and with our vet, we're watching out for anal fistulas (spelling? 1). But with Aries, his problem is that they are almost too soft. In the Q&A section of your web site, the suggestion was made that the supplement will firm up the dogs‘ stools. This sounds good for Aries but it's the last thing Elsie needs (to help her, We've been sprinkling a bit of Metamucil on her dinner)! I'm concerned that the supplement will not be good for Elsie's bowels. What do you say? *

Christine Q., Atlanta, GA

Hi Christine,

I have never seen the supplement create a stool that was too hard. It certainly improves the soft ones. I do think some Metamucil daily is a good idea for Elsie‘s case. Please don’t feed her bones, as the calcium in bones will constipate dogs if you are not careful. Many handle bone are ok but others do not. There are also stool, softeners available at the drug store if the meta does not seem to do the job. Hope this info helps you.

Chuck Kruger DVM

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