June 30, 2014

Ive been feeding BARF (raw) diet for 3 1/2 years as one of my bitches has a most bizarre food allergy profile (by lab testing). The dogs are healthy, look great, and are full of energy, I don't give supplements, as I am wary of overdosing on the fat soluble vitamins and on minerals. Do these guys really need supplementation?


Nancy J.—N., Gray, ME

Hi Nancy,


Yes, even on the BARF diet there can be gaps in your dogs nutrition...l will be posting information on the website soon to explain this. Many people using BARF are using the
supplements. The chance of over supplementing with my supplement is truly unrealistic. For example, you would have to feed 30 teaspoons of supplement per CU? of food to reach even the "over-supplementation“ level...totally unrealistic.....I am sure your dogs will benefit from the supplement OR I would not recommend it....doesn’t that make sense Over-supplementation is only practiced by the is an almost impossible thing to attain. Many Veterinarians have leamed nutrition out of Old literature, and some people 40 years ago did over supplement with cod-liver oil, bone meal etc. This has set up the myth that it is common practice. The profession is about 50 years behind. I personally think the whole over-supplementation thing is a witch-hunt in toady’s climate....people love scare tactics and sensationalism....don’t be afraid of supplementation. I do say if you use my supplement, you ONLY need to feed it. Additional Vit C and E and fish oils can be used safely. Hope this answers your questions...

Chuck Kruger DVM