2 Things you Shouldn’t Give your High Performance Dog, and 1 Thing you Should

August 26, 2014

Canine Nutrition

Dr. Kruger takes careful consideration into what kind of nutrition he recommends to high performance or active dogs. Here are two things he warns owners to not give their dog after strenuous activity, and one thing you should make sure your dog has.

Don’t give your dog Gatorade

Though it may seem like a great way to rehydrate your dog after a sweaty run, dogs can rehydrate better than humans can. All they need is plenty of water and lots of panting.

Don’t give your dog Protein Bars

Again, it seems like a good idea to give your dog a bit of your workout snack, after all, he did the same work as you didn’t he? But your protein bar will upset his stomach. It’s better to let him cool down, and eat his normal meal later.

Do provide your dog with Dog Health Supplements

Dr. Kruger has a High Performance Formula that meets the needs of the canine athlete. It’ll help maintain and enhance muscle development, stamina and endurance. All you need to do is incorporate it into your dog’s regular feedings!