Help Dogs Fight Cancer

May 01, 2017

Help Dogs Fight Cancer

We are working on a formula that is partly based on the recommendations described in the book "90 DAY CANINE CANCER MIRACLE".  This will be a game changer as it not only will help dogs defend against cancer it will also provide a supercharged method of detoxifying their bodies and help them to defend against dementia and cataracts as well.

Just as all of our formulas are;
  • All Natural
  • Organic
  • Human Grade Quality
This new formula follows these same quality guidelines; this will be the most powerful formula we produce and we believe is the best hope for helping dogs defend against the ravages of cancer and the other conditions mentioned.

This new formula will include 2 very important ingredients which makes this a powerful tool for helping dogs defend against diseases. Spirulina (Natures #1 super food and detoxicate) and Astaxanthin; this super antioxidant is:
  • 6000 times MORE Powerful than Vitamin C
  • 8000 times more powerful than CoQ10
  • 550 times more powerful than Vitamin E and green tea

While we obviously do not guarantee or claim that this formula will cure cancer, dementia, cataracts or other conditions, however we are convinced based on the available scientific evidence and research results that goes back 66 years which includes the successful documented track record of the recommendations. We believe that it will give dogs a fighting chance and is worth the effort to make it this formula available to everyone.

As you already know we produce Premium Pet Supplements for dogs and cats without the premium price. We purposely keep our retail prices as low as possible to help our fixed income customers afford to keep their pets healthy. We also work with 4-H and other groups at no cost to them as it is our way of giving back to the community at large.

Special Note:

The more funding we receive during the the development and testing period, the cheaper we can make the retail price when it released to the general public!

We have expended all of our available revenue for the last 3 years increasing the quality level of each and every formula. Developing new formulas which our customers expressly requested to help their dogs and running a limited trial on this new formula.

Simply put... we have fully utilized all of our available money to invest at this point... which is why we are reaching out to the public for assistance.

To help us shorten the development timeline so we can make this new formula available to everyone as quickly as possible we recently started a GoFundMe Campaign called "Help Dogs Fight Cancer"

*** The funds raised by this campaign will enable us to replenish the required ingredients, jars, labels and associated supplies to broaden our field testing requirements.

Once we have satisfied all of the field testing requirements and feel the results are inline with our expectations we will at that point be able to immediately make it available to the general public.

Our goal is to take the timeline from 15 months as in the previous project down to 6 months; it is just that important and needs to be done!  However it can not be accomplished without the needed funding.

Our goal (based on received donations) is for a public release date of October 2017.***

How can you help?

Any help you can provide will be very appreciated; we are also asking you to share the GoFundMe link and Campaign information with everyone you know. On all of your social media sites and your own website if you have one.

Sharing this with your friends, relatives and co-workers will help us to get the word out to as many people as possible. We have a significant amount of money to raise to make this a reality and it will only happen if enough people know about this project and understand its importance and potential. We can also provide the code which you can add to your website; just contact us directly.

Fell free to forward this email to everyone on your list if it will help!

Through your willingness to help and support this effort, we will soon be able to bring this new formula to everyone.

The Campaign Link is:

Thank you for reading this information and thank you helping dogs have a real shot at fighting cancer!

Rick & Cindy Dunn
Dr Kruger Pet Supplements