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Canine BIO-DEFENSE Formula

It's time we give dogs a fighting chance against cancer!


The BEST Supplement Formula to support the 7 times Nobel Nominated Budwig Diet Protocol. Dr. Budwig has been referred to as a top European cancer research scientist, biochemist, blood specialist, German pharmacologist, and physicist. In 1952, she was Germany’s Central Government’s Senior Expert for fats and pharmaceutical drugs and considered one of the world's leading authorities on fats and oils.

A key to understanding the Budwig protocol is oxygen, consuming foods that offer to help cells absorb oxygen. In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer can be created when cells can no longer absorb oxygen. Dr. Budwig built on that knowledge to develop a diet and protocol that restores cells to normal functioning.

This FORMULA 100% Supports the Budwig Cancer Diet Protocol



  • Strengthen the immune system        • Boosted energy level
  • Improve gastrointestinal health        • Supports cellular health
  • Aid in detoxification                              • Cardiovascular, eye and brain health
  • Reduce the rate of cancer                   • Help relieve or reduce allergies

Canine BIO-DEFENSE Success Story!

Dillon had an MRI in September 2018 as he had been lame for a while with no improvement and even was worse! The MRI was shown to me by a very good Neurologist and showed he had (under contrast) a lesion/tumor around a nerve on the inside of his shoulder blade. I also saw the radiologist and surgeon at this specialty clinic and all agreed it was a nerve cancer known as Schwannoma (A schwannoma (sh-won-oma) is a tumour of the tissue that covers nerves, called the nerve sheath. These tumours develop from a type of cell called a Schwann cell, which gives them their name. Schwannomas are often not cancerous (benign). The most common type of schwannoma is a vestibular schwannoma).

A biopsy was inconclusive as it was a very difficult area to get into. The decision was made to keep him comfortable till I got back from a long planned 3 week cruise around the Panama Canal. Then we would repeat the MRI and biopsy to try for a better sample. At this time I also met a couple at a dog show that was selling Dr. Kruger supplements. I was distraught knowing that Dillon's life would be shortened. (a leg amputation had been discussed as a possible cure but I researched and found it had a 72% chance of recurring and they told me only a 50-50% chance they could even get it all).

I would not do that to him and so I was terribly upset. I talked to a Cindy with Dr Pet Kruger Supplements and she told me to try the Bio Defense Formula. So Dillon had been on the Bio Defense max. dose for 1 week when I left for my trip. My pet sitter kept him quiet (Amy was with her handlers Randy and Jocelyn while I was gone). I got home and was amazed that Dillon had almost no limp! Since he was doing well and I was dealing with my brother's cancer and pending brain tumor removal (John had a successful tumor removal but still has stage 4 kidney cancer). the MRI had to be put off for awhile.

Well Dillon has now had his 2nd MRI (even though he runs, trots turns etc with absolutely no lameness at all!) and the Neurologist, Radiologist and even the surgeon that saw his scan were AMAZED to say the least as there was no sign of the lesion/ tumor. I said could it have been an injury or trauma from playing too hard or ? and I was told that this area is not where they can get injured. The Neurologist sent an email with the information after the radiologist looked at the scans (I had also seen them with the Neurologist) but he also called me to say he had learned a lot in this case. He said he was beyond "stunned" that Dillon shows no sign of the cancer.

Laura Kelley., Washington State

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