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Flavor Enhanced - Healthy Skin & Coat Formula

This is the same great formula as our original Healthy Skin & Coat Formula with the addition of an All Natural, Organic Flavor Enhancing Ingredient!

Dr. Kruger’s Healthy Skin Formula contains the same vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and live cultures as the Original Formula but has added Milled Flaxseed and d-Biotin to improve the quality, shine and thickness of the dog’s coat.  It also contains an all natural, organic flavor enhancing ingredient. This flavor enhancing ingredient encourages your dog to eat. The Royal Purple and Gold embossed sticker on the label means this is a Flavor Enhanced version.

Recommended for dogs older than 6 months with a low to moderate work level.  Along with better nutritional absorption of food, daily, long-term use will show an improved and sustained quality of coat that will outshine the competition in and out of the show ring!  It is also excellent for dogs that live in colder climates to increase coat coverage for protection.

If you have a dog that is picky by nature or gets stressed out and won't eat... reach for the jar with the Royal Purple and Gold embossed sticker and that picky eaters attitude will be over!

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