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Moonshine Irish Water Spaniels

I've talked with you for hours and at shows. Shannon lost her first litter to two bacterial infections and was diagnosed with chronic inflammation of the uterus.

However, the second breeding took, but only resulted in 4 puppies (I'm sure those bacteria ate most of the eggs present before she was put on the antibiotics the day of her trans-cervical AI).

WOW. I have never seen such an easy whelping and fast. Only 4, but all 4 delivered in about 2 1/2 hours or less. I've whelped 5 litters of my own, and at least 7 others. All IWS. Typical weights 12 to occasional 15 ounces. Shannon was 15.75 ounces at birth.

So, since I couldn't find my usual scale, I pulled out my weight watchers scale that goes up to 16 ounces. KLUNK! No measurement...they were all over 16 ounces...and three of the four ...waaaay over 16 ounces. I'm not so good with cell phone photography, but I've attached 10 day pictures, and two 11 day pics with the bright yellow shirt background.

Every litter I've whelped, by the time the puppies were totally out, it seems to me the sacks were already broken. I take regular temps so I can see the drop and slight rise that indicates whelping is imminent. Then I usually see the contraction as the bitch pushes the puppy into the birth canal and the push out.

Shannon was just laying there, and then there was a puppy...no effort I could see...just...oh...a puppy. And the entire sack was intact, with perfectly formed puppies. Very healthy looking sacks, puppies and placentas. I've never witnessed anything quite like it.

This mornings weights on day 12:

4 pounds, 10 ounces; 4 pounds 9 ounces; and 3 pounds 10 ounces. Mind you, the smallest is at least one pound heavier than any of the previous litters on this day.

Obviously, Shannon has a high quality, high volume milk supply, which I attribute to your puppy and Pregnancy formula. There are a few more friends now giving it to their puppies.

Thank you for having such strict enforcement of quality ingredients and giving us a product we can afford, and our dogs can thrive on.

Marsha Moon
Moonshine Irish Water Spaniels



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