Product Overview

Dog owners understand the importance of maintaining their pets’ health.  Along with making sure their dogs get plenty of fresh air and exercise, people also take care to feed their pets food that will provide the nutritional benefits their canines need.  Dogs can often suffer from digestive distress that ranges from vomiting, diarrhea, and indigestion.  When people want to relieve these symptoms in their pets, they can select Dr. Kruger’s Health Formulas, a food that contains beneficial ingredients like supplement vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. 

Canines often suffer intestinal distress because of toxic bacteria build-up in their digestive tracts.  As these bacteria accumulate, animals cannot reap the nutritional benefits of their food and fail to absorb important minerals, supplement vitamins, and antioxidants.  Over time, the animals begin to vomit more frequently, suffer from diarrhea, and lose weight, thus putting their overall health at risk.  However, with the Formula, owners can see rapid improvement in their canines’ digestion.  The food, with its probiotics digestive enzymes joint ingredients, as well as its Non-GMO all natural recipe, helps to detoxify the animal's tract and improves the animal’s digestion. 

Along with intestinal distress, canines that eat foods that are made out of inferior ingredients can also suffer from allergies.  When an animal is allergic to its food, it may break out in a rash, develop sinus congestion and a cough, and become severely constipated.  Severe cases of allergies often require veterinarian intervention and expensive medications that the owner may be unable to afford.  Rather than let their companion suffer from allergies, people can feed their canine Everyday Health Formula.  The probiotics digestive enzymes joint benefits, combined with the food’s non-GMO all natural recipe discourage allergic reactions and help animals who typically suffer from allergies feel better after they eat.  Owners can anticipate their companions’ rashes disappearing, their constipation being relieved, and any respiratory and sinus congestion dissipating. 

Canine owners are often unaware of the toxic bacteria that could put their animals’ health in danger.  Many commercial varieties of food do little to discourage the growth of these harmful toxins and also contribute to other intestinal problems like diarrhea, vomiting, and allergies.  When owners are intent on giving their companions food that will help them recover from these ailments and improve their wellness from the inside out, people can select a formula by Dr. Kruger's to give to their animals instead.

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