Histiocytoma Treatment Kit

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New Product! - Histiocytoma Treatment Kit

The first 12 kits we introduced and sold only at Dog Shows in May of 2022 sold out in 2 weeks! We decided to offer this to all of our customers online!

After treating Hope's (Follow Hope The Boxer) Histiocytoma last year we were inundated with inquiries about what we used to get rid of this condition without surgery. Earlier this year we tried to help a young lady whose dog had a Histiocytoma and we weren't able to source most of the components either locally or online needed to treat her dog.

This frustrated us to the extreme and we decided enough is enough! We would put together a kit that you could purchase and start treatment immediately!

What is a Histiocytoma?

Histiocytomas in dogs are small skin growths that occur most commonly in young dogs under 3 years of age (however dogs of all ages can get them). These benign growths appear suddenly—pet owners will often say overnight—but histiocytomas generally take 1-4 weeks to sprout.

Histiocytomas can occur anywhere on a dog’s body, but they usually show up on the front half, particularly the head and the ears. They are especially common in Boxers and Dachshunds (but not limited to these two breeds), and they account for almost 1/5 of canine skin tumors.

Symptoms of Histiocytomas in Dogs

Histiocytomas in dogs typically have no symptoms other than the sudden eruption of a domed pink growth on the skin. These growths are neither painful nor itchy in most cases, although both symptoms are possible.

You may be under the impression (because you read or were told) that Histiocytomas should be "left alone and they will eventually go away" or "This needs to be surgically removed". Lets understand the ramifications of each option.

  1. Leaving them alone; while some do go away on their own they will also most likely return later. They can also grow large, become infected and be very troublesome when attempting to remove them. The site can take a long time to heal leave unsightly scarring.
  2. Surgically removal; you can't and won't get it all (even though you will be told that they got all of the margins, this is impossible) most that are surgically removed come back within 12 to 24 months and this becomes a recurring problem. Also through surgical removal you are also removing the hair follicles and hair can't grown if the follicles have been removed.

Why is this Treatment Kit a better option?

Using this treatment method is non-surgical, you lesson the chance of infection, the hair follicles are not damaged, its not painful to your dog, it doesn't burn or sting. The hair will eventually grow and fill in where the Histiocytoma was located. This is a tried and true treatment method for many decades and to our knowledge the first time it has been put into a comprehensive kit with detailed instructions so you can get it right the first time.

This kit includes:

1 - 3 oz jar of Hawthorne Icthammol 20%
2 - 5 yard rolls of vet wrap
1 - 8 oz jar of Canine Relief Spray (to clean the treated area before new application of Ichthammol)
14 sterile swabs
14 - 4" x 4" sterile pads (cut down to size as needed)
1 - small bag of Cotton Balls (spray Canine Relief on the cotton ball to gently clean the Icthammol off the affected area and re-apply the Icthammol.
1 - Waterproof Clear Vinyl Plastic Organizer Case

Treatment instructions are included in every kit, they are clear and concise instructions. If you get stuck you can contact us and we will guide you through the treatment process as well.

You only use enough Ichthammol in each treatment to cover the Histiocytoma so 3 ounces is enough for treating several Histiocytomas. Ichthammol 20% works extremely well on insect bites, cysts, boils, as well as drawing out infections, splinters, embedded thorns and so on. This is a must have kit in your dog's medical kit.

This kit provides everything needed to treat several Histiocytoma's and you have more than enough Hawthorne Icthammol 20% in the kit to treat many more!

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