Histiocytoma Treatment Kit

Dr Kruger Pet Supplements

$ 40.00 $ 50.00

New Product we will have at the Dog Shows in our booth only... This will NOT be offered online... only at the Dog Shows!

1 - 3 oz jar of Hawthorne Icthammol 20%
2 - 5 yard rolls of vet wrap
1 - 8 oz jar of Canine Relief Spray (to clean the treated area before new application of Ichthammol)
14 sterile swabs
14 - 4" x 4" sterile pads (cut down to size as needed)
1 - small bag of Cotton Balls (spray Canine Relief on the cotton ball to gently clean the Icthammol off the affected area and re-apply the Icthammol.
1 - Waterproof Clear Vinyl Plastic Organizer Case

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