Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes are key to Healthy Digestion

You can ensure your pet unlocks all the nutrition in the foods it eats with Dr Kruger’s Everyday Supplements.  Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, these formulas are the perfect compliment to your dog's regular diet.  Improve your pet's health with Dr. Kruger's 100% all natural, Non-GMO food supplements made right here in the USA. 

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I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your supplement. My male German Shepherd Max had chronic problems with diarrhea, regardless of the food he was on. I put him on your supplement and within a week he was totally clear of the problem and hasn't had a reoccurrence in the three months since I started him on it. What a great product!

 -Virginia C., Arizona


Excellent product. My dog suffered from an inflamed bowel for years, until I started her on Dr. Kruger's. Now she can even have a few bites of red meat without it affecting her digestion adversely.

-Patricia E., Texas


I bought the small size of Dr. Kruger's Joint & Muscle formula and my almost 13 year old Golden Retriever is a changed dog. I can't get her youth back, but she is much more comfortable and active since taking this supplement.

-Claire M., Wisconsin



June 30, 2014

Ive been feeding BARF (raw) diet for 3 1/2 years as one of my bitches has a most bizarre food allergy profile (by lab testing). The dogs are healthy, look great, and are full of energy, I don't give supplements, as I am wary of overdosing on the fat soluble vitamins and on minerals. Do these guys really need supplementation?   Nancy J.—N., Gray, ME Hi Nancy,   Yes, even on the BARF diet there can be gaps in your dogs nutrition...l will be posting information on the website soon to explain this. Many people using BARF are using thesupplements. The chance of over supplementing with my supplement is truly unrealistic. For example, you would have to feed 30 teaspoons of supplement per CU? of... Continue Reading →


June 30, 2014

Dear Dr. Kruger, The breeder from whom we got our two German Shepherd Dogs (Elsie and Aries, 3-year old litter mates), raves about your supplement, so I've just ordered some to try on our dogs. I have a question about what it does to the dogs’ stools. With Elsie, her problem is that they're too hard, and with our vet, we're watching out for anal fistulas (spelling? 1). But with Aries, his problem is that they are almost too soft. In the Q&A section of your web site, the suggestion was made that the supplement will firm up the dogs‘ stools. This sounds good for Aries but it's the last thing Elsie needs (to help her, We've been sprinkling a bit of Metamucil on her dinner)!... Continue Reading →